Her Name Was Fire is a Tarotpunk twin stick roguelike with deck building elements where you progressively unlock spells and upgrades to defeat hordes of void creatures. Survive the 5 stages of grief and vanquish the Major Allegories.


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You can view the controls in the pause menu.

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Craft Unique Builds

Ignite hordes of void creatures and collect the ash of their remains to progressively unlock cards of spells and upgrades.

Face the Allegories

Descend into the nightmare and face different Major Allegories in each run. Only you can interpret what their presence entails.

Unlock Major Allegory Cards

Unlock powerful cards to expand your deck by defeating the Major Allegories. Choose your fate by forging deadly builds for your future runs.

Deactivate the Void

Deactivate the servers in the pools of void at each stage of grief to confront the Major Allegories and descend into the next stage.

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Very fun game the artstyle is really good, already wistlist on steam. Nice work!


Really fun game! Progression feels great.
Starting setup perhaps feels a bit artificially held back IMO

The artstyle is clever and charming, I do however think you could beef up the juicyness of your weapons.

Either way, keep it up, love the game!

Thanks for the kind words!
I actually agree about the starting setup. I'm working on balancing the experience thresholds so players can get to the action a bit quicker. 


Featured in Indie Game Roundup Episode 11


The game is fun and the art and theme are nice, but I am concerned that the player will be incentivised to grind the first stage of grief endlessly making no progress in the final version; presently it seems like progressing through the stages unlocks more difficult enemies and increases the rate at which enemies spawn, which would encourage leveling up with the weaker enemies to an arbitrarily high level of power and only then playing the rest of the game.

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Thank you for the feedback! The grind you mention will backfire quickly because difficulty is increased on time, not on stage. Stage changes barely affect the difficulty. Enemy types for example are based on time alone. If someone stayed on Denial for 20 minutes, Anger will feel completely impossible right after. In any case thanks for letting me know you felt this way, I'm working on balancing and will be sure to make this clear in future versions.


That's a good solution :)


Really neat game. Liked how you could create a tree of perks, very nice and allows for different builds. Like the central idea of fire, especially blue fire, and the overall concept of beating grief. I would like to see in the main game more enemies that have different behaviors other than moving to the enemy. Really cool game and I look forward to the full release.

Thanks! Yeah there are some different enemies in the works, I have to see how to add them to feel fair since at later stages the game is pretty hectic.


Really greate game !


Yeah this was great. Controls very smooth, fun powerups and I like the look!


Great game! It got me hooked right away and it is really entertaining. There's a steep difficulty curve, the ambientation is great, and the animations are very charming. One thing to note is that perhaps the walking animation for the main character doesn't really match her speed. However, this is an amazing game and I am wishlisting it on steam right after sending this comment.

Thanks so much for the comment and the feedback! I've just updated the game to sync animation speed with movement speed, should feel much more responsive now with speed cards.